Fully automated real Smart Bin- new smart technology

What is this smart can about?

Nowadays, our life is getting more and more convenient, and the food, clothing, housing and transportation have undergone great changes. The homes in life are becoming more and more intelligent, ranging from TVs, refrigerators, washing machines to fans, desk lamps and stereos. But what I never expected was that the trash can has become a member of the smart home.  

What is this smart can about?

Smart trash can, So what is the real experience of this smart trash can? Is it easy to use, is this a gimmick or a change in our lives? 


real smart bin fully automated

The main body of smart trash can adopts the matte matte beige ABS design. The overall feel is quite technical. It can be well matched with various home decoration styles. The corners of the large rounded corners are both look and feel. Overall outlook are very good, especially for families with children can effectively prevent bumps.

smart can dimension

The size of the smart trash can is 240X310X402mm, with a large capacity of 15.5L, which can basically meet the needs of most application scenarios. What kind of fast food box, Coke bottle can be easily packed, enough to contain a day's garbage. 

smart bin fully automated

The black position in the figure below is the infrared sensor. When an object is drawn on it, the top cover of the trash can can be quickly opened; the lower round button is the physical button of the upper cover, and the short press can be used for normally open and automatic. Mode switching, long press can be packaged or reset.

smart bin new tech make life simple


Usually our trash cans are divided into two categories, with and without lids, but without the cover, it is easy to cause odor, and the use of the lid is particularly troublesome, and the handcuffs are not very hygienic. Smart trash can solve this problem very well. It has a cover but can open the lid of the box through the infrared sensor. The sensor distance of 0~35 cm will open the cover when there is an object or the human body is close. It is easy to throw garbage into the bucket, and the closed design of the lid can effectively lock the odor and block the mosquitoes from surrounding.

smart bin make life easier

The reason why this smart trash can is smart is not only because it can automatically open the cover, but also the automatic packaging is full of black technology. When the trash can is full, you only need to press and hold the multi-function button directly in front of the cover. It was invented the thermoplastic sealing technology. The sealing and sealing are tightly combined, and the smell inside the barrel is leaked. After the package is completed, the buzzer reminds you to take out the garbage bag, and the function design is very user-friendly.


Evaluation Summary

The extension of the intelligent trash can basically meet the daily needs, especially the automatic packaging, automatic bag change and inductive opening and closing are very practical. What's more important is that it has a high value, and there is no sense of violation in the corner of the house. It only adds warmth and makes the home warmer and more tidy.