smart bin

sensor lid opening, just basic function

Enclosed design to lock off odors. Unique sensor opening function, 0-35 cm sensing distance, lid will open when there is an object or the human body is close. No need to reach out to open the lid, no need to bend over, you can easily throw garbage.

top tech real smart bin

Overload packed, can also seal the bag beyond the mouth of the barrel

Be adaptive, be smarter. Excessive garbage beyond the barrel mouth, the built-in program in the barrel will automatically sense the garbage position, adapt the garbage height, and extend the garbage bag for packaging. The built-in non-breaking garbage bag can hold the garbage that the ordinary garbage bag can’ tech real smart bin auto seal

Frequent littering, one-button open state locked.

Daily life peeling, having snacks or chasing dramas, all need to throw garbage  frequently. smart bin with a one-button open state locked function, easy to deal with. After using it, tap the touch switch, the lid is closed and the smart state is restored, better humanized simple press


Garbage box.

There is a 12-meter plastic bag inside the garbage box, which is packaged and sealed according to the total height of the garbage. At the same time, the garbage bag has excellent strong bearing capacity. A garbage box basically meets the bag needs of a family for one month. 1 month, 1 easy garbage box changing.garbage auto packing box


Large capacity battery.

1 time charging, can be used normally for 35 days, convenient for your life.

realsmartbin auto sensor


15.5 litre large capacity.

Convenient to accommodate your daily garbage.largecapitysensorbin15L


LED lights, make a sense of technology to the home.

The smart trash bin LED light has dim mode, constant light mode, and breathing mode. Representing the lid closing reminder, packing and taking out reminders, charging status reminder. small trash bin make a little sense of technology to the home, and convenient for your life.

top tech led light seal


Waterproof and moisture proof.

360 degree closed design, waterproof and moisture proof.moist proof waterpoof bathroom


Non-slip base.

A non-slip base is added to prevent the trash bin from slipping when it is in use.non slip base waste bin can