The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
The Monkey King - AI LIFE HOLDINGS

The Monkey King

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Size: L*W*H: 21*16.5*43.5cm
Artwork material: Special grade A fined brass
Surface treatment: Brass color high temperature coloring and Colored drawing
Weight: 3.5Kg

You will also get your own unique Monkey King
That’s because from the design, sculpture, molding, roasting to casting, polishing, coloring up to more than 60 processes, all by pure manual completion, there is no two artworks are exactly the same.

How the artwork come out?
Creative ideas and sketch design is the origin of a work, just like the script of a movie, with great creative ideas that can produce a great work with form, spirit and art.

To carve the ideation sketching into pieces of fine clay figurine prototype, that needs all the Brass brand’s sculptors have to be the art academy graduates, with at least more than a decade of experience sculpture, they also need to have the deep foundation of humanities, history, aesthetics, and anatomy, only that can make every brass artwork of type of body, face, bones, muscles, every fold and line precise.

The mud sculpture prototype is easily damaged by weathering. Therefore, we have to make a mold to turn the mud sculpture prototype into a mold of RESIN material, which is convenient for long-term preservation. To maximize the essence of the mud sculpture prototype and improve the defects of the mud sculpture prototype, the sculptors have to second process the RESIN mold carefully.

Fix the wax molds:
With the use of RESIN mold, we pour out one wax mold after another. For every piece of final artwork, a disposable wax mold is needed. The fineness of the wax mold directly affects the quality of the casting brass. Therefore, we have to finely repair every wax mold to the best shape.

Casting is a highly technical difficulty, with more than 1000 degrees brass water inject mold, the casting speed must be controlled moderately, fast easy perforation, slowly will be midway solidification. Therefore, accumulated rich experience with long years engaged in this technology, as well as scientific and accurate materials formula became two big magic weapons to ensure the quality of casting.

The casted brass artwork surface is relatively rough, that makes repeated grinding and refined become an important part of ensuring the artwork quality, and the grinding technicians have to be experienced, otherwise, with a little miss, a piece of artwork will be scrapped.

Quality Control:
The each polished work is allowed to the next process after quality control personnel strict inspection.

High temperature coloring:
With the Brass brand’s unique high temperature coloring technology, the coloring technician will attach the artwork a layer of gorgeous beautiful color to make it more elegant and noble, and do not fade.

Coloured drawing:
The painted works are all hand-painted by skilled painters with fine brush strokes. With all original imported natural mineral paint, the artwork will not fade.

To pursue the best quality of gold-plated, all artworks are gold-plated three layers with 24k purified gold.

Brass Brand Story: Perseverance and innovation, art and life
We adhere to the essence of traditional crafts, but ingeniously inject innovative thinking. We adhere to the commanding heights of quality, but innovate the way to achieve this commanding height. We adhere to the purity of art, but continue to innovate on the road to commercialization of art.

A group of paranoid pursuit of perfection, young artists who regard art as their lives, sculptors and a large group of powerful brass masters come together to pursue a common dream - to create the world's exquisite brass crafts.

With repeated discretion, non-stop trials, from design sketches to sculpture mud molds, from mold roasting to precision casting and polishing, we have exhausted our efforts, revised countless, scrapped thousands of drafts, just for your high aesthetic taste.

About brass ware
Crafts made of brass are durable and green.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), brass is certified metal that kills harmful, deadly bacteria, that’s because the brass ions have a strong disinfection effect, various microorganisms and bacteria are not easy to survive on the surface of brass products.

From the perspective of feng shui, The Brass Buddha statues and various kinds of brass mascots,  which are great for home exorcising, evil spirits ward-off, and lucky fortune.

Ancient brass casting
There are many ways to make brass ware, but the thousand-year old method of "lost wax casting brass" that Brass Brand uses is the most complex and delicate. All the ancient Buddha statues that have been handed down so far adopt this complicated and elegant technique. As time goes by, the face of the Buddha statue is still clear and vivid, demonstrating the vitality of "lost wax casting brass”.