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Kyutibot is a 10-inch tall, interactive Android-based robot that uses augmented reality for learning. Controlled remotely through a smartphone, Kyutibot employs 3D augmented reality, image recognition and color extraction technology with educational apps to entertain, sing, tell stories, teach and chat with kids.

Children can virtually play with a 3D animated dinosaur and other animals on the robot’s display. Kyutibot creates different voices for asking and answering questions and can mimic a parent’s voice to keep a close connection with children when parents are away.


What is Honeybot?

  1. Teacher: It creates an exclusive interactive virtual life scene. It teaches life common sense to children while playing games. This way it helps children develop good living habits.
  2. Connector: It comes with interesting voices for asking and answering together with HD onboard video chatting. It becomes a connector between parents and children.
  3. Friend: It is not just a toy, but it is a kid’s best friend. It has cute designs and lovely faces in it.
  4. Inspiration Creator: The Augmented Reality function on It helps children to understand knowledge from 3D animation.
  5. Storyteller: It is an active storyteller by bringing books to life for children.
  6. Artwork: It has a beautiful design and a smooth appearance.
  7. Entertainer: It can be used to learn, to play, and to have fun.