Dream of Sika Deer - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Dream of Sika Deer - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Dream of Sika Deer - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Dream of Sika Deer - AI LIFE HOLDINGS

Dream of Sika Deer

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Product Description
Name: Dream of Sika Deer

Some good things can only be met in a dream, a dream deer with a safflower on the head, like looking for or waiting for something.The inspiration for the flower image comes from the expectations of many people: the flowers don't fade, and sometimes they can be seen, not enclosed in a box.
By cross-border cooperation with the young artist Yu Xiang, we launched a series of "flowers" works. In the works, the flowers are made of the most expensive imported eternal flowers, and the portraits are finished by the artist's color lead (not printed). Each piece is demanding perfection, and the scene and the meaning are more exhaustive. It may be in your life, a miniature of the encounter, or the most sincere touch of the heart, you can use it to decorate your home or put it on the bed to accompany your life.

Material: imported eternal flower, German professional collection level watercolor paper
Frame size: 33.5*33.5 (cm)
Inner frame size: 21.2*21.2 (cm)
Frame thickness: 6.5 (cm)

Why Ecuador Rose?
Ecuador, with abundant rain and great environment is perfect for rose.
The Ecuador Rose is called Royal Rose. That is because The Ecuador Rose is huger in size, (the rose head diameter of more than 10 cm), brighter in color, thicker in petals, and the layered petals have a thin layer of fluff, which is favored by the royal family.

What’s Preserved Fresh Flower?
The Preserved Fresh Flower is processed by high technology through dehydration, color retention and drying, that makes it same to the Fresh Flower on the Color, Traits, and Feel.
The Preserved Fresh Flower maintains both the characteristics of the Fresh Flowers, and it can stay with you for a longer period of time (storage time is more than 3 years).
It is called a flower that never fades.