cool me down

why design this product?

Day to day life lives in hot weather, people are eager to cool everywhere, so we design this smart wearable body air conditioner, let you cool every day and me down wearable

cool me down when golfing smart air con

 how it works?

Based on the principle of vaporization heat, we increase the air humidity between human body and clothes, at the same time, increase the air circulation, that makes skin surface moisture is evaporated by the airflow, and heat is removed quickly, so that people get cool.

100ml water, can work 4-5 hours

cool me down

any effects?

cool me down

Will the clothes be wet by water mist?

It’s mainly used inside the clothes, so how to prevent the clothes from being wet by water mist is the most basic research topic in the product development.

It uses water mist to moisten human body surface, When airflow passes through the human body surface, the humidity of the skin surface is vaporized, thereby lowering the surface temperature of the human body, without wet clothes.

Super mode
We also have a super mode, if you don't mind if the clothes are a little bit wet, you can use the super mode because the cooling effect will be more strongly.

mobile app cool me down

more functions

cool me down mosquito repellent

 cool me down essential oil  fragrance mist

strong motor, icy soul

High-performance fully enclosed copper motor with strong wind and smooth noise reduction.

cool me down motor slient

4800mAh large capacity battery

Built-in large capacity lithium battery, can cool 4-5h, no matter how far the journey is, still feel cool

cool me down battery