Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch - AI LIFE HOLDINGS
Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch - AI LIFE HOLDINGS

Elite Hollow Auto Mechanical Watch

Regular price $549.00 USD

Product Description
Enjoy metal beauty, show the tough guy. Elite temperament, pursuit of quality.
At a glance, discover the beauty of mechanical rhythm, precision occlusion between gears, evoking natural mechanical obsession. Fearless challenge, release personality.
NOTE: Buy one and get a bracelet free.

Product Details
Movement:  Automatic Mechanical Hollow Out
Case Diameter:  42.5mm
Case Material:  Refined Stainless Steel
Case Mirror Material:  Synthetic Sapphire
Bracelet Material:  Leather / FKM
Waterproof:  50 Meters
Box Type:  Original
Warranty:  1 Year

Shipping Information
Availability:  Worldwide free shipping.
Shipping Time:  7-15 days.

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