Alternative for Down Jacket

Alternative for Down Jacket

In the past down jacket is the only choice for winter wear, most end up looking puffy, restricted in movement, feel heavy while wearing it and once it get wet it lose it heat insulation.

Now thanks to the founder S.kislter with the New Smart Technology – Aerogel

What is Aerogel & what so great about it?

Aerogel is known as a technology of the Space Age, which is traditionally used in NASA spacesuits. However, outerwear companies have struggled to incorporate aerogel into clothing — they could not find the perfect balance of warmth, thickness and weight.  It insulative component into the material; creating perfect winter jackets that are warm, thin and light.


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Nasa Spacesuit Jackets have an ultra-thin 3D mesh composite of aerogel that is placed between the outer layer and the inner lining of the jacket to provide a great level of heat insulation. The jackets are offered in various styles to meet a variety of consumer needs. The lightest and thinnest jacket, Casual Series, resists temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C), is only 0.5 mm in thickness and weighs less than one pound. The warmest, thickest version of the jacket, the Professional Series, has a 3mm aerogel insulation layer, which is only about 1.5kg in weight — 50 percent lighter than the leading aerogel jacket on the market. The Outdoor Series 5 the best option for people who are looking for a warm, hooded jacket for ski, a winter hike and any outdoor activities in cold weather gives a new alternative to design sleek, fashionable outerwear.


supield NASA Aerogel lightwirght jacket

About brand

After nearly two years of scientific research, the team developed a porous aerogel composite thermal insulation material, and named this new material as the father of aerogel. S.Kistler,also applied for a patent. After continuous scientific research and improvement, in May 2018, the products began small-scale production through various safety and functional tests. In July of the same year, the aerospace series of apparel successfully passed the final round of testing on snow mountain and began global sales in October.